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Remote Desktop disable copy paste

PCI DSS requires copy/paste be disabled in Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Sessions and may need to be demonstrated to an onsite auditor.  The compliance requirement is that clipboard redirection be disabled for all servers that interact with cardholder data including web, app, and db hosts.

SCCM Site Değiştirme

Deploying SCCM 2012 Part 2 – Creating Container, Extending the AD Schema – In the first part of SCCM 2012 deployment, we saw the post on Installing Active Directory Domain Services. After setting up the domain controller, the next step is to create a container and extend the schema. To […]

Uzun isimli klasör silme

Windowsta başa bela olan uzun isimli klasörleri silme yöntemi için, aşağıdaki yöntemi uygulayabilirsiniz Without installing additional software you can use subst command to temporary create an alias to a long named directory. e.g. If you want to delete folder C:\Very long directory\that exceed\length limit\blah blah blah\abcde\folder to be deleted you […]