F5 SSL Telefonlarda çalışması için


Some web servers, most notably Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), use SSL certificates in PKCS format. The BIG-IP system can use only SSL certificates that are stored in PEM format.

Important: Starting in BIG-IP 10.1.0, it is no longer necessary to convert PKCS#12 files to PEM format; in BIG-IP 10.1.0 and later, you can import PKCS#12 files directly using the Configuration utility. To do so, select PKCS 12 (IIS)from the Import Type menu when importing the certificate or key. The BIG-IP system automatically converts thePKCS#12 file to PEM format. Additionally, starting in BIG-IP 11.0.0, you can also import PKCS#12 files directly using the tmsh utility. For command syntax and examples, refer to the Traffic Management Shell (tmsh) Reference Guide. You must still manually convert PKCS#7 files to the PEM format prior to importing them to the BIG-IP system.

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