Hyper-V Remote Administration from Windows 7?

As you may know from this earlier post, I admin my multiple TFS Virtual PCs (which run on Hyper-V) from a Vista PC. Well last week I replaced that Vista PC with a Windows 7 Enterprise one. I tried to install the Hyper-V Remote Management Update for Windows Vista on my new Windows 7 PC and was denied (“this update does not apply to your system”, or the like). I thought I was done, but turns out there is an option for this in Windows 7 as well. This may be old news to you, but if not you can admin your Hyper-V PC remotely from Windows 7 by doing this:

1. Download the Windows 7 RSAT from here and install it (link updated Aug 12, 2009 to point to RTM version).

2. Open Programs and Features, select “Turn Windows Features on or off” and then drill down to…

   Remote Server Administration Tools
    \- Role Administration Tools
       \- Hyper-V Tools

2. Check off the Hyper-V Tools, let it do it’s thing. When complete you’ll have the Hyper-V Manager available in your Administrator Tools.

BTW, RSAT for Windows 7 doesn’t just give you remote Hyper-V management, but a whole host of other options as well.
– Trev