A backup job will remain in the status of “loading media” when there is an active alert present that has not been responded to.


Several alerts can be displayed during a backup operation, especially when overwriting media. These alerts need to be responded to so that the backup job continues. If the alerts are not responded to, the backup job stays in the status of “loading media.”

Backup Exec can be configured not to display new alerts that are generated during backup or restore operations, which can cause this behavior.



Make sure that the option “Automatically Display New Alerts” is selected as shown in Figure 1, so that the error is visible and can be responded to manually or automatically using automatic response.
1. Start the Backup Exec ™ software.
2. Go to Tools | Options, and then select Preferences under Settings.
3. Ensure that Automatically Display New Alerts option is selected. (Figure 1)
Figure 1:


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