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  1. To begin we see in our example SharePoint list view there is no “Title” column in our default view.  If there is, and you want it gone simply modify the view and uncheck the option box pertaining to the “Title” column. Here is how my sample list looks, yours may look different:
    SharePoint List with Title Column Hidden
  2. The columns are all displaying correctly in our view, but when we click to insert a new item we see:
    SharePoint List
  3. Now to hide the title column, whichever order it is in we will go back to our list by either clicking the back button in our browser or using the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.  Once in our list window, click the Settings tab and click List Settings.
    SharePoint List Settings
  4. Now from the List Settings page select Advanced Settings under the General Settings Section
    SharePoint General Settings
  5. Let’s specify to allow the management of content types on this list by selecting the Yes option button and clicking the Ok button to apply our modification.
    Allow Management of Content Types
  6. By allowing management of content types we are now allowed to specify what items will be seen in the “Item”.  For this tutorial we want to change the “Title” Column.  Do this by clicking on the “Item” link in the Content Types section that is now available thanks to our previous modification.
    SharePoint List Configuration
  7. In the Item content type you can see all the columns presented when a user wants to add a new list entry.  The Title column is marked as required in this instance.
    SharePoint Title Column Step 7-a
    To change this click on the name “Title” link and change the Column Setting to Hidden.
    SharePoint Remove Title Column Step 7-b
    Click the OK button to apply the changes and navigation back to your list and add a new entry.  You should now see that the “Title” column is hidden from view.
    SharePoint Remove Title Column Final Step

Important Notes: Changing the “Title” column name or field type is NOT recommended.  The title column is included by default, and tampering with the field will just cause you headaches.  Keep the field as it is and just hide it like I just showed you and remove it from any default views.

Also: it is best practice to not leave the the option to manage content types selected.  You can change this to “No” and the title column will still be hidden in the form.