Öncelikle df -h ile hangi diskin küçüldüğüne bakın.Ondan sonra vm ayarlarından ilgili diski büyüttükten sonra aşağıdaki işlemleri yapın.

  1. Log in to the vCenter Server Appliance using SSH and root credentials.
  2. Run this command to enable the Bash shell:

    shell.set –enabled true

  3. Type shell and press Enter.
  4. Use this command to verify which disk is experiencing disk space issues:

    df -h

  5. Using the vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client, locate the vCenter Server Appliance virtual machine and increase the disk space on the affected virtual disk. For more information, see Increasing the size of a virtual disk (1004047).
  6. Once the virtual disk is increased, return to the SSH session and run this command to automatically expand any logical volumes for which the physical volumes are increased:

    vpxd_servicecfg storage lvm autogrow

    When the grow operation is successful, you see output similar to:


  7. Run this command to confirm that the virtual disk has been successfully grown:

    df -h