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While Windows has long supported “virtual” desktops, Microsoft had declined to make this feature available to users until Windows 10. Now, in the Windows Technical Preview, you can easily create and manage multiple desktops, which you can use to separate related tasks into their own workspaces.

Create a new desktop

You can easily create a new desktop at any time.

Keyboard shortcut: WINKEY + CTRL + D

Open Task View (WINKEY + TAB, or click the new Task View button on the taskbar) and then select “Add a desktop.” If you already have two or more desktops open, this will appear as a “+” tile.

If you choose the keyboard shortcut, the new desktop will be silently added in the background. You can use Task View, however, to see that it has been created.

Switch between desktops

You can switch between your available desktops at any time.


Open Task View and select the thumbnail of the desktop you wish to switch to.

Close a desktop

Close a desktop: WINKEY + CTRL + F4 (will close the current desktop)

Open Task View and click the Close Desktop (“X”) button that appears when you mouse over its thumbnail.

Move windows between desktops

As you start populating each desktop with open apps and windows, you may find that you wish to move a window from one desktop to another.

To do so, open Task View and navigate to the desktop that contains the window you wish to move. Then, right-click the window you wish to move and select Move To and then the desktop you wish to move it to.

Switch between running apps and open windows regardless of which desktop they’re in

Keyboard shortcut: ALT + TAB

You can still use Windows Flip to switch between any open windows: Just type ALT + TAB to find and select the window you want.

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