abcPDF kullanıyorsanız HTML render is blank , No MSHTML document is available , Unable to add image , Unable to read file , Unable to render HTML gibi hataların çözümü için

Regedit -> hkey_local_machine / software / websupergoo / version numaranız /


httpwebbrowser = 0 yaparsanız çözümleniyor.

Tam metin /


  1. The default value of HtmlOptions.HostWebBrowser is true, which provides greater compatibility with a wider range of HTML and JavaScript. However this setting also requires a greater level of permission. If sufficient permissions are not available you may see errors like “Windows error 5” or “Access is denied” or “Unable to create memory-based MetaFile” or “No MSHTML document is available”. If this is the case try setting the HostWebBrowser property to false prior to calling AddImageUrl/Html. In ASP/COM, use:
    Doc.SetInfo 0, “HostWebBrowser”, “0”

    If you do not have access to the source code you can change the default by entering a HostWebBrowser registry key – details in the ABCpdf .NET documentation. If you do this on an x64 server be sure to set both the 64-bit registry key and also the 32-bit Wow3264Node based key.