Herhangi bir urlye izin verdiğiniz halde bu şekilde bir yasaklama mesajı geliyor ise farklı bir alandan security checkini kaldırmanız gerekiyor.

  • As an alternative to demoting SecurityCategoryOverride precedence, you can change which categories are part of the Security Risk class. To view Security Risk categories, log into TRITON – Web Security. Select Settings > General > Risk Classes.

Toptan kaldırmak isterseniz ise;

To change the default behavior, add the SecurityCategoryOverride parameter to the eimserver.ini and syncservice.ini files. Set the parameter’s value to ‘off’ to have custom URL or limited access filter take precedence over security categorization.

To always filter based on custom categorization, regardless of whether or not a site appears in a Security Risk category (like Malicious Web Sites or Spyware):

  1. Navigate to the Websense bin directory on the Filtering Service machine and open the eimserver.ini file in a text editor.
  2. Navigate to the [FilteringManager] section and add the following line as shown here:
    • [FilteringManager]
    • SecurityCategoryOverride=OFF
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. Restart Filtering Service.