Uzaktan program kurulucak iken; remote registry servisini açmayı unutmayınız.
To enable the service,
1. Click Start – RUN and type “services.msc”
2. In the right-pane, right-click “Remote Registry” and select Propertes.
3. Select Startup type as “Enabled’.
4. Click Apply and OK.
This as said earlier, if there is no need for anyone to connect and modify the Windows Registry remotely. However, if this PC or a system is a part of a corporate network and is part of Active Directory domain then select list of admins or admin groups might need permission to control the registry. In this case, the alternate option to selectively restrict access to the registry remotely the following procedure will help:
1. Click Start – RUN.
2. Type “regedit” and press enter. This will open the Windows Registry Editor.
3. Navigate to
4. Select “winreg” and click Edit, Select “Permissions”
5. Select appropriate users/groups & appropriate permission like “Read” or “full Control”.
6. Click OK and exit.